The swiffer can wait

The swiffer can wait

It was a long and exhausting day at work. I picked you up from school, and just wanted to hurry through the evening routine. Snack, homework, watch a show, dinner, bath, bed.

There was laundry to put away, floors to mop, and did I mention how exhausted I was?

I plopped  down on the couch to catch a break.  You came up to me with those big brown eyes, and said “Mama, can we please go outside?” 

Sigh. I had so much to do, but I know childhood waits for no one. 

You embraced your inner Picasso. 


I watched you leap through the air like a baby kangaroo. My, my, how you have grown in the last year. 



We busted out the bubbles. I watched you all turn into a pack of ravenous wolves. 



It. was. glorious. 



Thank you for reminding me to slow down, and savor the golden hour in childhood. 

You are gonna be OK kid

I'd do anything for that boy