You are gonna be OK kid

Today is September 1. That means in 12 days I add another year to my life. In honor of that, each day I’ll be sharing an older picture of myself. With those pictures I’ll attach something that I would tell my younger self.


Me at age 5. 


Hey big kindergartener! Look at you! It is your first time at school, and you are learning lots of new things.  You love riding that big yellow bus, and bouncing up on the seats when it takes that big turn around the corner. You love your teacher Mrs. Patti. Secretly you wish school was all day instead of a half day. Who are we kidding? You were born ready.

This year will be a challenging year for you. Things will happen that will affect you for the rest of your life. You won’t realize it until you are much older.  Know that it is ok to feel angry. You must know that it is not OK to feel bitter. Most importantly you must know that you are loved. There will be times when you don’t feel that you are, but you always are.

Do you remember the note your art teacher sent home with grandma?

“Dear Mrs. Perkins,

Donna often cries in art class because her work isn’t perfect. Please let her know her art does not have to be perfect to be beautiful”

Mrs. Williams


Perfectionism is a lie. Your drawings, and creations don’t have to be “perfect” to be beautiful. This is something you will have to learn over, and over again. Perfectionism keeps you stuck, and unable to move forward. I wish we hadn’t second guessed ourselves so much. We missed out on many good opportunities because we thought we were not good enough. Well Donna, you are good enough. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That is how we grow.


Chatty Patty friend to all

The swiffer can wait

The swiffer can wait