Bitten by the Big Apple

Me around 13. On a boat to Ellis Island, NYC.

***September is my birthday month. In honor of that each day up until my birthday I will be sharing a picture of when I was younger. Along with that photo, I will attach something I would write to my younger self.  If you are just joining in  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5   

 This year you take your first trip to NYC! Your social studies class went on a trip this year in eighth grade. We went to Ellis Island, and a few other places but I can’t remember of the top of my head right now.

In addition to the tourist things. We got to walk around for a bit.  The sights, sounds, vibe penetrated you. You loved the way the city felt. You felt alive in it.  You vowed that you would come back and make it your home.

Years will go by. You'll finish college and live in other places. NYC will always be in your heart. Eventually your husband will take a job that would take you to to NY again. When you move it won't be  how you envisioned living there. You had always wanted to be a writer or working in advertising in midtown. That was your dream. This time you would be experiencing NY as a young wife and mother, with small children.


You will feel as though your life is a cruel joke. You got to live in NY but not under the circumstances as you wished. Little Donna I know you have big dreams. Remember what I said about every one was at different levels? This is one particular time where you are on a different level. You will have to go through and experience some things in order for you to reach your goals.

Life isn’t always how we pictured it. That is OK. You need to know that everything, and everyone comes into their own at different times. Life is not a race. Don’t concern yourself with how your life isn’t what you think it should be. You should know that wherever you are in that moment is where you need to be.

After living in NY a few years, you will be placed in the path of people that will change you for the better. Things will fall into place and you will find your place. You will take the concrete jungle by the horns, and make it your own. So don’t get frustrated, as they say the joy is in the journey, not the destination.


Friends till the End

Beethoven and Bernstein