Refiner's Fire and rain

***September is my birthday month. In honor of that each day up until my birthday I will be sharing a picture of when I was younger. Along with that photo, I will attach something I would write to my younger self.  If you are just joining in  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 11

     When little baby was about two weeks old you and your husband moved across the country to the south. You had never been to the south so you didn’t know what to expect. You had done research on where to live etc. You had even found an apartment and put a deposit on it. You had called the office and spoke to them several times. They had the date when you were to arrive and had the apartment ready for you.

Off you went in a little chevy cavalier, a baby, a husband, and a car full of hope. Upon arriving to your destination, and to the apartment office you find that no one is there. The secretary or whomever you have spoken too did not answer.

You both realize that you have arrived and have no apartment. Nowhere to sleep. Still being hormonal after giving birth, moving across country after your body has been through so much physical trauma you look at your husband and start to cry. You both go outside, and just like a sad movie, it starts to rain. I mean pour. This adds to the despair. A baby, no apartment, and pouring rain.

Luckily, the bishop of your church’s congregation lets you stay at his house. You are grateful, and quickly look for an apartment. You find one. A modest one, but anything is better than standing in the pouring rain with a newborn. You plug along, and disaster, after disaster seems to happen. When it seems that it can’t get any worse it does. We like to call this period our “Trial by Fire.”

Donna, even though it seems like the sky is falling, and things can’t get any worse, they do. The thing that you don’t realize now is that you can do hard things. This too shall pass. You are resilient. You just don’t know it. Think about all that you have been through in your life. This is but a small moment. When you come through these hard things you will be so much better for it. I promise. I know it seems like you can’t take another personal, emotional, or financial setback right now. The thing is Donna,  you will know how to comfort those around you because you have felt the same feelings they have felt. It will make you more empathetic towards people. The hard things you are going through will help you appreciate, and value things in life.


Liberation and rising from the ashes

One and one make three