Fourth grade me. 

***September is my birthday month. In honor of that each day up until my birthday I will be sharing a picture of when I was younger. Along with that photo, I will attach something I would write to my younger self.  If you are just joining in  Part 1 Part 2 Part3. ***


     You always liked when mom did your hair with beads. Sometimes you would use yourself as a weapon. When people got too close you would whip your head around and smack them with the beads.

You have always been an advanced reader for your age. In fourth grade your reading really takes off. Your teacher, Mrs. Keegan focused on a love of reading for her students. At the beginning of each day. Mrs. Keegan would encourage us to write a title of a book we had read on the blackboard. She would read off the title, and we would have to come to the front of the classroom and give a summary of the book. This was good because it helped us not to be afraid to speak in front of people. It helped us to gather our thoughts to communicate what we wanted to say.

In class you read Judy Blume, and Charlotte’s Web. You were devastated when Charlotte died. You felt for poor Wilbur. You enjoy reading fiction. Fiction ignites our imagination. You enjoy reading because it takes you places. We didn’t have the means to go on summer vacations like our friends did. In books however, you could go anywhere. Reading became your passport, and the librarians knew you by your first name. In fact, when you are older you will take your children to the same library you spent time in as a child. There will be some of the same librarians working there from when you were a child. It will be a Lion King circle of life kind of moment and you may or may not get sentimental and teary eyed about it.

Aside from classroom reading you liked to do your own. One of your most favorite books you read this year is Little Women. Of all the books you will read, you will come back to this as your most absolute favorite. It takes you a while to finish it, but you do.

You like it because of the the relationship between the sisters. Not having any siblings, you secretly long for a sister. Someone to share secrets and dream with. With Little Women, you felt like you got some of that.

While you have a few characteristics of each sister, (There are expectations to get married and have a family like Meg. You are musical like Beth. You are often selfish and self centered like Amy.) the one you identify the most with is Jo March. Like Jo you have “boyish” ways. You are always being told to “sit like a lady.”  You and Jo also like to read and write stories. This year you write stories and try to sell them at school for 25 cents.

Jo strives to keep her individuality and independence. When you are older you will have the same struggles. There will be times when you feel like a caged bird. You will long to fly, but feel as though your wings are clipped. Fear  not little bird. Keep your beak up. Your time will come. Both you and Jo have “hot” tempers. Like Jo, you will need to learn to control it. It will be hard but you can do it. You will have to learn when to speak, and when to bite your tongue. You will have to learn what battles are worth fighting and which you need to walk away from.

As you grow older you will slowly attempt to reel in your temper.  In time you will learn the power of the pen. You will learn that the written word can compel people to change. You will prefer to fight your battles with the written word.

At the end of this school year you will miss Mrs. Keegan dearly. You will always remember her every time you go to the library, or a bookstore. Because of her you will pass on your love of reading to your children.

Your eldest will be an avid reader just like you are. You two will bond over books. Often times you will be in busy, anxious mom mode. You will see that she hasn’t completed the chore she was supposed to do. You will look for her around the house to scold her. You will always find her curled up in a ball, reading a book in the corner. Just like her mother. Your anger will subside, and your heart will be filled with joy. Let her be. She is on an adventure in a book, just as you used to be not so long ago.


Beethoven and Bernstein

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