Letters to my littles on the first day of school

Dear J,

Today you start the fifth grade.  You are starting to make me feel old! It has been a pleasure watching you grow. You have always been bright for your age. Your mind is amazing. Your ability to grasp complex concepts astounds me. You are pretty much gifted in every.single.subject. This is rare. I hope you always stay humble about it, and realize how gifted you truly are.

I am happy you didn't inherit mine and your father's bad math skills. You'll have to thank both of your grandmother's for that.

J, you are such a good child. You embrace new friends with open arms, and seem to make friends everywhere you go. One of your greatest qualities is being a peacemaker. I've watched you over the years on the neighborhood playground. I’ve seen you play “diplomat” and helped your friends get along. Your smile, and genuineness make people feel at ease.

Like your mother you love to read. If I call for you and can’t find you, I know I can find you curled up in a corner reading. We are starting to bond over books that I read as a child. I love how your eyes light up when you tell me about what you are reading.

This year I hope you continue your thirst for knowledge. Around this time, I notice that girls start to care about what they look like and boys. You will have plenty of time for that my child. While you are gorgeous, one day that beauty will fade. Focus on your mind and improving yourself. Don’t become jealous or envious. It makes you ugly.

Do not gossip or worry about what other people are doing. People that want to be wrapped up in other people’s lives or what they should be doing with their lives  have no lives of their own.  You would think people would out grow that when they become adults, but sadly they don’t. Mommy encounters this almost daily. Focus on you, your family, and nothing else.

You are the first one that made me a mother. We’ve had a bunch of ups and downs. You must know above all that you are loved. No matter what you do. Always know that you can come to us with anything. We love you J and can’t wait to see what you do this year.



Mr. M


I can’t believe you are in first grade! You love everything transportation. Especially planes. You are sharp with your geography. Like your father your favorite things are maps, and atlases.

Though you are tiny you are mighty! Mommy always worries about you since you are small for your age. Your big heart makes up for your small frame. You light up a room with that smile, and those big brown eyes.

Your penmanship is excellent. You love music and ask me if you can play the drums almost every day. We’ll have to see about that. Not sure if I, or the neighbors are ready for that.

Your greatest quality is your ability to love everyone. You are a sensitive and old soul. You love affection and to hug and give hugs. I call you the huggie monster because everytime I turn around you are chasing me arms open, ready for a hug.

This year I hope you continue to make good friends. I hope you continue in your reading, and love for learning. You are really into life sciences, and love sharks, and insects.

I love you little man.



Ms. Thang


Oh little O! You start your second year of preschool today. You are our little comedian. You inherited your mother’s sense of humor, and quick wit. You leave everyone around you in stitches. You come up with one liners out of nowhere.  


You love to learn. You are like a little sponge ready to soak up knowledge. You know how to write your name and read a few words. What you most enjoy is creating art. Always drawing, creating, getting into the paint.


You like to sing and dance. You love Weezer, and ask me to put it on every day. Your favorite songs are “Buddy Holly” and “The Sweater Song” This is what happens when we play Weezer.

This year I hope you continue to be a good friend to everyone. Like your siblings you make friends easily. Everyone loves to be around you. We love you little O!

One. Maybe not the lonliest number