Letters to my Littles on the First Day of School

Back to School 2016

Back to School 2016




J Bird,

Today you start middle school. Sixth grade. Am I old enough to have a sixth grader?! I guess I am.

You’ve grown so much this past year. You stand about four inches shorter than me. It won’t be long until you are as tall as me or even pass me in height.

This year is very emotional for me. You are changing so quickly. I’m having a hard time with this new phase of your life. It is hard for me to see you grow. You have always been independent, and we have always encouraged you to be that way. You are growing into your own, and love spending time with your friends.

The things I love about you this year is that you love to create.  I’ll never forget the time I came home from work and you had made a chariot out of cardboard. I was very impressed and felt bad about it having to go out with the recycling a few weeks later.

Back to school

You are very inquisitive, and have an infectious laugh. Never lose that. What I wish for you this year is to continue in your quest for knowledge. You still always have your nose in a book. Never lose your love of reading. Reading will take you places that you never dreamed of going.

Middle school comes with its own set of new challenges and opportunities. Always be kind. You never know what other people are going through. Kindness is not a weakness. I hope that you will be able to discern between being kind, and standing up for what you believe in.

Do not shrink to make yourself appeal to others. You are uniquely you. No one else can be you, and you shouldn’t try to be anyone else.


Back to school, Microfashion, OOTD

I love your beautiful soul and cannot wait to see what becomes of you this year.



Back to school photo shoot, OOTD, Microfashion, NYC

Mr. Cool,

Today you start second grade! You still have the best hair in the whole school. Your smile is electric. You ignite a room with it.

You still love anything transportation. Especially planes. You want to be a pilot, and you've memorized the flight patterns of planes that fly over our house. You can tell me what airline, and what make and model of the plane. Its really quite impressive.

You are a good friend to those around you. You’re really great at catching a football. I’ve never seen you miss a catch. Your favorite thing to do is throw the football across the street.


Hugs, Back to school photoshoot

You are Mr. Affectionate. We call you the huggy monster. Every time I turn around there you are with out stretched arms ready to give a warm hug.

This year I hope you continue to do well in school. You really love math which is good since I don’t. Continue to be empathetic. It is a rare trait. You’re able to reach and communicate with people in ways that they need. I love you and cannot wait to see how you soar this year.



Back to school photo shoot. OOTD, Microfashion

Ms. Thang,

Little O you start Kindergarten this year! You have been ready for some time now although I don’t think they are ready for you!

You have such a spunky spirit and I love that about you. You come into a room and light it on fire with your electric personality.  You’re a great friend. You are loyal, and kind.  You have an opinion and you are not afraid to share it. You have no problem telling people where to go who mess with you on the playground.

Back to school photoshoot, NYC Microfashion

Even though you’re spit fire you also have a kind side to you. You have a way of knowing when people need to be comforted. When I’m sick you’ll bring me a snack of apple sauce and draw me a picture. Its very cute and sweet.

You love to sing and perform. Anything. Always at the top of your lungs. For a while you were bellowing Adele. I’m glad you’ve moved on.

You are obsessed with the musical Hamilton. I can’t wait to see what you score on your AP history exam down the road.

My wish for you this year is that you never let your fire die. Always keep being you. Keep learning and growing. I can’t wait to see what you discover this year.


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