Artist Interview with The Space We Made

 Millions March, New York City December 2014 

Millions March, New York City December 2014 

Hi friends! 

Last month, I was the first featured artist with my friends over at The Space We Made.  

The Space We Made is a curated art space featuring LDS artists of color. 

It is a brilliant and much needed concept. 


From their mission statement: 

"Have you ever googled “LDS artists of color” and come up empty-handed? Then you switched the parameters to “Mormon artists of color” and you found more of the same? So have we and like you we had a sinking feeling, a feeling of disappointment, and isolation.

For too long we LDS artists of color have existed either in the periphery or as an afterthought; it’s time for the narrative to change. We are painters and sculptors. We are designers and photographers. We are writers and crafters. We are chefs and seamstresses. We are musicians and dancers. No longer will we allow people to ask us to choose between our ethnicity, our religion, or our artistry.
We are people of color.
We are LDS.

This is our space, where we share our talents with the world and with one another. This is our space for the established artist, the up and coming ones, the behind the scenes artists, and the artists of the next generation."

Let me know what you think in the comments!