7 Reasons Why you NEED a Virgo Best Friend!

7 Reasons Why you NEED a Virgo Best Friend!

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! VIRGO SEASON!

YASSS! From August 23- September 22, we Virgos, are

showing up and SHOWING OUT!  


If you are new to zodiac astrology I’ll do my best to break

it down.


(Insert classical music)


The zodiac is divided into 12  different signs.

Each sign cycles yearly through 12 different constellations

that are also divided equally into the 12 zones of the sun’s

path across the sky.


Phew, still with me?


Each of the 12  different signs has corresponding

personality traits, as well as colors, etc.  


signs of the zodiac


The 12 zodiac signs are FURTHER divided into elements

according to their characteristics: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

(I’ll save that for a different blog post.)


Back to Virgo Season!!  


We Virgos can be the best and the literal worst.

In the spirit of focusing on positivity, I’m here to give you


7 reasons why you NEED a Virgo best friend!


1. We are Great at Conversation

Whatchu wanna talk about? Us Virgos GOT YOU!

Fashion, current events, you name it! We love analyzing

everything, and can break down any subject for hours.

2. We are Brutally Honest

If you want an honest opinion ask a Virgo. Be warned you

asked, so keep your feelings in your purse!

You can pretty much trust us with your life.

If not your life, at least your secrets. We expect the same.

When that line is crossed watch out! We don’t forget, and

it will take time or a miracle to gain our trust back fully.


3. We are  Overly Passionate About Things!

We are ride or die for what we believe in. You ALWAYS

know where a Virgo stands! We are seasoned debaters,

so don’t waste your breath trying to convince us.   

The upside to this is if we are on the same side of the

argument, WE GOT YOUR BACK.

Which leads me to number 4.


4. We are Extremely  Loyal

If we are friends, then we pretty much are until death.

Unless you do something to mess that up. HAHA!

All kidding aside, Virgos, will be the first ones to stick up

for you when someone is talking about you behind your

back. If that ain't loyalty, honey I don't know what is. 


5. We Keep Things in Order.

We Virgos love cleanliness! We CANNOT thrive in chaos.

We loathe a mess.  If you’re not as tidy, we’ll totes be

down for helping you organize your life. We get a rush

from  putting things back in order.


6. We are AMAZING at Problem Solving

A Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury (The planet of

communication). Naturally, this makes us the Kings and

Queens of analytical thinking. If you have a problem, we

will stay up all night thinking of solutions.

Our overly analytical minds will offer you solutions as to

why x, y, and Z happened complete with a script of your

next move.


7. We are Reliable

Whether you need us to water your plants, pick up your

mail, walk the dog, Virgos got you! We are there in the

best and worst of times. You can always count on us.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the best sign in the

zodiac! (wink, wink) 


What is your Zodiac Sign? Lemme know in the


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