I almost love you more than bacon

I know I’m the brother you always wanted. I’m annoying, I get into your stuff. That is what brothers do.

I tried to protect you from those creepy plastic things you call “dolls.” They looked menacing to me. Those things never make a sound, and their faces are weird. I mean….how can you trust something whose face never moves?

I ate dad’s sandwich. He wasn’t too pleased. BUT HOW CAN YOU LEAVE A RUBEN AROUND AND EXPECT ME NOT TO EAT IT?!?!

Mom, I’m sorry for all the times I chewed off my leash and made a break for the squirrels.  Those dang things are always digging in MY YARD and they must PAY!

Even though  I’m a little nutty, I’m your nut. You’re my people, and I’m glad you chose me. Next year I promise to keep out of mischief. Maybe. Then again, you’ll have nothing to write about next year. Thank you for loving me.










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