Creative Costume Ideas for the Non Crafty

Creative Costume Ideas for the Non Crafty

Cloud Costume, Halloween 2015

Cloud Costume, Halloween 2015

A few years ago I walked into a costume box shop to buy my then 5 year old a costume for Halloween. Having been less than thrilled with the selection and quality I decided from then on out I’d create my own costumes.

I mean how hard could it be?

I had little sewing experience sewing things that were not squares. (Napkins, pillows etc). Another barrier I had was I could not read a pattern. I have SO many patterns in my sewing closet that are unused because I feel like I need the  Rosetta Stone just to read them.

Believe me, I’ve tried to read them. I made a dress once from a pattern and it looked like regret and bad decisions in cloth form.

Armed with a sewing machine and way too many episodes of Project Runway under my belt I went to work.

I now share the fruits of my blood, sweat, and seam ripping with you. Over the next few days, and weeks I will be sharing some costume ideas with you. They can work for either children or adults.

This week’s costumes theme is The Unconventional Challenge.

Meaning, you can make them from items you already have laying around the house or can get them easily at the dollar store.

Today I give you: The Cloud (cue dramatic music)

2 copy.jpg

Execution Level: Easy Peasy

Materials Needed:

White Turtleneck

White Fleece Lined Leggings

Pillow Filler (Or you can just cut open a pillow)

Hot Glue


Glitter spray or loose glitter.

**************************Get cha craft on directions**************************

The weather is a bit unpredictable around Halloween in NYC. Sometimes warm, sometimes freezing.

I opted for a white turtleneck and fleece lined white leggings for the foundation of the costume.

You can purchase pillow filler from your local craft store. Or you can be like me and just cut open a pillow that I was old and laying around a while.

To assemble the “puffs” for the cloud, I took a piece of cardboard from a shoe box and placed it inside the turtleneck. You can then begin to pull apart the filling and glue it on with a hot glue gun onto your turtleneck.

After you place all puffs on the turtleneck let it cool a bit and place it on your model to see if the puffs are how you like it. You may need to add more as needed to attain the puffiness you would like.

Cloud child costume idea


This is optional, but I’m on team extra so I did it. I had a can of glitter spray laying around from an abandoned craft project. I took little miss outside and sprayed her puffs to add a little bit of “Yass!”  I you don’t have glitter spray then you can just throw some loose glitter on the puffs. If you do go that route I would recommend doing it outdoors in your driveway or the street. The glitter gets everywhere and you will literally hate your life if you do it indoors and can’t get it off.

Yass Werk! Cloud Halloween costume, Oct 2015

Yass Werk! Cloud Halloween costume, Oct 2015

I topped the outfit off with a white bow, and some sparkly flats. There you have it!

If you do recreate this costume let me know! You may be featured in a future blog post.

I’m all over social media so reach out to me there!

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