These are a few of my favorite things

The dust has finally settled from the new year. I thought it time to post about my favorite images in 2015. This past year in photography has pushed me and taken me to new creative heights. I’m expecting the same and more for next year. I’ve enjoyed all of my clients this year for trusting me to capture their memories. I’ve made some lifelong friends who were absolute strangers to me.

10. C. Olsen of the band Joy On Fire murdering the beat. This photo is from their artist’s residency in June at The Winery at St. George Mohegan Lake, NY. Click on this link to hear their sound.

9. One of my neighborhood buddies stopped by the studio around Halloween. I see little man just about every day walking to school. He always gives me a devilish grin. I love this photo because it captures that grin so well.

8. Every year my church has a camp for young women aged 12-18. This year I tagged along for a day to document the happenings. The water slide was a big hit with the girls and adults alike.

7. A. is a client who found me through Facebook! Her cousin and I were friends through high school, and we connected there. She was my first boudior shoot! We captured a lot of great images. This headshot is one of my favorites from that session.

6. S. and I met one day randomly at Central Park.  We talked for HOURS and she was like a sister I never met! Her family session in Central Park this fall was a dream to shoot!


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