Why you should keep shooting after a session is over

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I’m a fairly strict about keeping to schedule when it comes to photo sessions.  It is important to stay on track to honor the time commitment of those who have paid for your expertise.

There have been a few times, at the end of a session where I didn’t have to rush off. We’ve set up a follow up call, and said our goodbyes. Something inside me always says: “Stay and see what happens.”

This particular session was one of my first ever Holy Communion shoots. It was raining and a little muggy that day, and I was going back and forth from my house to the church. We got some quick shots of the family before the ceremony.

After the ceremony I went back and got some with the extended family. It was important that I did so, as the client was moving far, and wouldn’t be able to see them for a while. Little miss was tired, but very cooperative during the session. It was long, and warm day.

When we finished she was so delighted to FINALLY be able to play with her friends. I kept shooting and following her from a distance wherever she went. She hopped on the swing and what happened next was pure magic.

Holy Communion photo session. May 2014

Holy Communion photo session. May 2014


This photo was the one that got the most feedback from my client, and on all my social media pages. Did I take great photos of what they had asked for? Absolutely. Did I deliver something she couldn’t live without? Most definitely.

My job as an artist is to deliver a product you want, and images you can’t live without. When you see your images for the first time, I want them to take your breath away. I want you to see what I see: You, in all of your raidentness and magic. I want the images to stop you in your tracks and to  tell a story.

Would I have gotten this shot if I hurriedly left afterwards? Nope! It is important to feel the vibe of your session. Do you sense there could be something more? Is there good energy between you and your clients? If so, stick around and keep shooting what others would consider mundane.  

There is magic in the mundane. You’ll never know unless you listen to your inner artist. Keep shooting.



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