Liberation and rising from the ashes


September 13th. Today we add one more year. 33.

     In our 32nd year we learned the value of time. Time seems to accelerate as we add years to our life. You realized that your time is too important to waste on people or things that did not add value to your life.

You let some relationships with friends go. You continued to learn that it is OK to say “No.” You don’t have to go to everything that you are invited to. If someone gets offended that you declined an offer, well that is their fault.

With your new knowledge of the value of time you cultivated the relationships you had. You grew even closer to a dear friend that you’ve had for a while. You call her your “big sister.” You laugh together, cry together, and know exactly what each other are thinking by the looks on your faces.

You also learned to make your voice heard, and your opinion known. You’ve struggled with this from time to time. So much of your life you were told to “be nice. be agreeable.” There is nothing wrong with being a strong and articulate woman. It is perfectly acceptable to have a difference of opinion without disrespecting people.

Some people will underestimate you. Some people will try to make you feel less than for your work, your family, and other things. Once you assert yourself, they never dare again.

Common themes from our 32 year to 33 are: pain, hardship, vulnerability, strength, resilience, and faith.

Events will happen that will shake the foundation of your faith. You will question everything you have ever known. You will have to do some real soul searching to figure out who you want to be and what you want out of life.

At times you will feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You will feel like your knees are being cut from underneath you. You can’t catch your breath, and feel as though you are drowning. We let our children see us collapse and cry. We let them see us hopeless. We let them see us fall to our knees. They will see us cry unto the Lord and beg him to help us.

The truth is, we CAN do hard things. We can and we Do. No matter how dark the dawn is, morning always comes. We learn it is important to let someone catch us as we fall. You find people who are willing to catch you and carry you when you can’t carry yourself.

In addition to hard things, we learn to accept ourselves flaws and all. No longer do we pretend to be something we aren’t. No longer do we shame our body because it isn’t an ideal size 2. We accept our body fully. Hips, thighs, and all. It is liberating.

We let go of the past. We let go of all the anger, and “wrong” we felt that others have done to us. We allow ourself to become vulnerable. For so long we put up walls that rivaled the Great Wall of China. We didn’t allow people in and missed out on some great opportunities.  No more.

We awaken and come into our true self.  We align ourselves with like minded people.  Fulfilling creative projects become available.  Opportunities and successes come at an accelerated level.  You feel a rush of exhilaration.

The best is yet to come. You’ve prepared your whole life for this. Every struggle, every heart ache, every setback is all apart of the beautiful tapestry of your life. It has shaped you into the swan you have become.  So go and make this 33rd year count. Now Is your moment to shine. And shine you will.


It hurts everywhere

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