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Me age 7

Me age 7

  **September is my birthday month. Each day up until my birthday, I will be sharing a picture of my younger self. With the photos I will write something I would want my younger self to know. You can read the first part here. **

 Hey spider braids! You’re really rocking that teddy bear sweatshirt. I think this was our favorite shirt, and we wore it a little too much.

This year you are in a new city and a new school. Mom finished up at college so you made the trip across state to live with her. It will take a little bit of time to get acquainted and get into the groove.

You are in second grade now and your teacher is Ms. Richards. She is a little bit strange, but she is nice. The biggest problem you have in school right now is talking. On your report card your teacher wrote:

“I keep moving Donna’s seat because she keeps talking. Everytime I move her seat she makes a new friend, and talks to them.” Ms. Richards

Yes, you have been blessed with the gift of gab. Talking in class will be a problem you will have the rest of your school years. You will have to learn when to speak and when to listen.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some people will try to make you feel bad about it. You will have to ignore that.  Having the gift of conversation and your genuine friendliness is what makes you so approachable. You make friends easily, and make people feel comfortable.  You are a friend to all. Especially to those that are friendless.

On one of your first bus rides home this year you picked a seat by an older boy who was sitting by himself. You asked if you could sit by him. He looked at you with sad hurt eyes. You didn’t know what that look was but when you are older you will understand his pain.

Some of the kids on the bus yelled “Are you SURE you want to sit next to HIM?! He has bugs!” You looked him up and down perplexed. You said “I don’t see any bugs on him!” You sat down and asked him his name. His name was Harold.

You didn’t understand why the kids were mean to him. This is called bullying. You must know that bullying is never ok. When you are a bit older you will try to “fit in” and bully people that are your friends. Donna, we know better. We can do better.

This year you learn that words can hurt. You see people using words to hurt others. You must always choose your words wisely. We cannot take back things that we say. Words are a powerful thing. Your words must always build, not break, for words have a lasting effect.

You have a sharp  memory. You will remember words that were said to you that were less than desireable. You must learn to forgive. People say and do things when they are scared, and hurt. When people are angry they often lash out. The hurtful words that people have said to you have nothing to do with you. For the next several years you will hear unkind words about you by those around you. This will scar you until you heal from it. You must heal, and you must forgive.


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You are gonna be OK kid