7 Ways to Love Your Body and Live Your Best Life

7 Ways to Love Your Body and Live Your Best Life

Positive body image. Black girl in bikini on a beach.

Two years ago you wouldn't catch me in a swimsuit without a cover up. Let alone a midriff baring one with all my stretch marks, or as I like to call them, tiger mom

stripes from bearing three amazing humans. 

One of my goals this year was to enjoy summer. I mean, enjoy the HELL OUT OF IT! 

I wanted to soak up all the goodness it had to offer. So in between jet setting, road

tripping, and park hopping, we found ourselves often at one of our favorite New York

Beaches- Robert Moses. 


     Many women and men (fellas I see you too!) struggle with body image issues for

whatever reason. The beach can be an intimidating place. It can be be an all out war

for those of us that struggle with body insecurities. We all go through it, and I'm no

exception. In fact you can read about my journey in this post. This one as well. 

It's a constant struggle for me. I've been every size from 4 to 12 and everything in

between. Weight can be a touchy subject because yes, you want to be healthy, but a

healthy weight looks different on different people depending on your height,

genetics, etc. Of course, eating right and moving your body every day is ideal. There

can be extreme examples of that. Mine swings in both extremes. Some periods I

overeat, and others I calorie restrict to the extreme. At my lowest point, I was only

drinking fiber supplements, soup, and working out 12 hours a week. I'm getting

better, but I struggle with this day to day, hour, by hour. A lot of this stems from

verbal abuse as a child, from a family member.  I don't think this person even realized

what they said or the effects it had on me. I caution family members to watch the

words that you say to a child. You never know how deep they cut. 



Well that's enough of our Dr. Phil moment.

Let's get back to the beach!

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My goal in life is to fall in love with everything that I am. 

So how did I get to this point? You can read about that HERE and also IN THIS POST.

Working in a creative field, I see daily what is done behind the scenes to make you

think images are the “ideal beauty standard.”




If we were all made to look that way then God, or the Creator, or whomever you do

or don’t believe in, would have made us all a certain height and weight.


We are ALL different and that is what makes us uniquely beautiful.


I photograph MANY different body types. My job to make them ALL look good no

matter what their size is. In doing that, I’m was able to look in the mirror

(figuratively and literally) and realize, “Hey! My body is pretty damn amazing too!”


Think about it.


I can open my eyes and breathe air into my lungs.

My arms, can lift up children and those around me that need a hand.

My hips are wide, but they provided a shelf for carrying babies up the subway stairs.

My belly is a bit soft, but it housed three beautiful souls.

My shoulders are wide, but they bear the weight of things seen and not seen.



You’re probably like “That’s great for you Donna, but I’m still on this body image struggle train.”



Here are seven ways you can Improve your body image.





If you need to talk to a therapist, or you believe that you

have an eating disorder, please, please seek help. There is

no shame in getting professional help. Professionals have

the tools necessary to get you to where you need to be.





When we are so bogged down with what is wrong, it's hard to see  what is  right.

Go out and get yourself a pretty notebook. Composition books work too. Try to think

about at least three things you are grateful that your body does. Don’t let your mind

bully your body. Thank it for small things.  If you need help getting started see my

examples above.





Try to identify the emotions you are feeling. When you have negative self talk what is

the real issue?  Are you feeling insecure about something? Anxious? Overly tired?

Are you stressed? Solve the problems don’t eat them.





You can do all you want do look a certain way. There comes point however, where

you just gotta accept what mama and daddy gave you. According to the Center for

Change, 23-70% of your body is determined by your genes.





See above.  Don’t compare yourself to celebrities or even your best friend! Celebrities

have a team of people to help them slay their day. Unless your best friend is your

identical twin (even still) You aren’t going to have the exact same body type. So let

your friend be their best self and vice versa.





Your body will tell you what it needs. When you aren’t getting proper nutrition,

problems will manifest themselves elsewhere. Are you stressed? Anxious?  Having

trouble sleeping? Chances are you aren’t getting all the good stuff you need. So feed

it and love it, because your body is so good to you on a daily basis.





Take time to be still.  Take five minutes and just sit in the quiet of your mind. You can

recite daily affirmations. Simple ones like  “I am worthy.” “ I am loved.”

body positivity quote



Skeptical still? Well, think about it. At the end of your life are you going to be more

upset that you didn’t lose 15lbs or that you didn’t put on that suit and live your best

life?  We still have a few weeks of summer left!

So put that suit on and soak it up boo!


Loving yourself is the greatest revolution!




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